Education – a job for every Georgian

Are you wondering how to get on track and stay there? Are you having any of these problems in school:
Held back a grade.
Grades are not good/failing.
Missed a lot of school this year.
Suspended or expelled from school.
Don’t feel safe in school.
Don’t have any real friends at school.
Don’t get along with my teacher.
Don’t get discouraged. You are not alone. Many students struggle with all of these issues. But help is out there for you. You have to GO Get it. Are you asking yourself, “How do I GO get it?” Here’s how.
Talk to your parents, teachers, counselors, mentors or friends. So many people believe in you and want you to succeed.
For more help with getting back on track to graduate from high school, please visit
How soon can you start planning for your future? The answer is TODAY! Whether college is just around the corner or a few years down the road, now is the right time to get GOing. Education GO Get It has the road map to help you achieve your goals: graduating high school and succeeding in college. Education opens a world of choices and strengthens your financial security. GO forward in school and GO forward in life.
Want to know how much money you can expect to make? On average, a person who does not graduate from high school can expect to make $18,900 a year. Compare that with someone who graduates from high school who can expect to make $25,900 a year. A person with a bachelor’s degree, working full-time, can essentially double their annual earnings compared to someone with a high school diploma, making $52,200. Of course, with a masters degree you can expect to make even more and with a professional degree such as medicine or law, the number climbs even higher to $109,600. The bottom line is – education pays. GO Get It. Source = US Census Bureau, Current Population Surveys, March 1998, 1999, and 2000.
Education GO Get It is a public-private partnership backed by the business community, state educators, Georgia’s political leadership and community-based organizations. We are here to help students like you reach your highest potential. Education GO Get It is ready for you. Are you ready to GO?