Education GO Get It (GO) is a statewide network of public and private partners whose sole purpose is improving the quality of life for all Georgians by enabling and motivating students to earn a high school diploma and enroll in a two-year, four-year or technical college.

Georgia’s Education GO Get It is part of a 16-state (and growing) alliance. The first GO program started in Texas in 2002. Georgia adopted the program in 2004 and officially launched in February 2005. GO uses three primary strategies:

Break-through multi-media communications
Grass-roots outreach
Through these strategies, GO offers the following programs and services:

Scholarships $500 scholarships are awarded to 6th – 12th grade students to be placed in their 529 college savings accounts.
GO Centers – A designated space with internet access where students can go to find information and help.
G-Force Volunteers college student or community mentors who serve as the core volunteer force for GO – in GO Centers, in the school system, and in existing outreach efforts in community organizations.
GO Mini-grants $500 awards given to schools and community organizations who present the GO Kit Curriculum to students and/or parents
GO Kit Curriculum – Age appropriate presentations for students and their parents, complete with talking points, ice breakers and evaluations.
GO Theatre – Performances that use drama, comedy, music and dance to motivate students to finish high school and go to college.
GO Multimedia Campaign GO has developed a multi-faceted awareness campaign that uses radio, web and TV as a call to action and to communicate that all students can reach their potential through education.
GO Online Resources There are many services available to students if you know where to look. The Online Resources allows students to search for service available online or in their local community.
GO Networking and Training GO works with local communities to help connect resources the serve students and provide trainings on GO services and programs.
The GO Toll Free Number: 866 GO-4-GRAD (866.464.4723) Students, parents, teachers, volunteers use our toll free line to find the answers to their questions about college, GO services and programs and more.
GO is funded by the Board of Regents under the Department of P-16, with additional funding and in-kind services provided by GO’s partnering state agencies and the corporate community.

The success GO has experienced is a testament to the power of partnerships – unifying resources, talents and information to achieve a common goal. From the beginning, the Georgia GO program was built on partnerships between educational institutions, government agencies, corporate leaders and community-based organizations. The GO partnership strategy relies on strengthening these alliances and establishing new relationships with public and private partners. For GO and the state of Georgia, more partnerships translates into more programs and services that will positively impact the state’s high school graduation and college enrollment rates.